Alex Coke, Tina Marsh, Steve Feld: It's Possible

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VoxLox CD, 2008  Release date: August 19, 2008

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It's Possible is a CD of duos and trios featuring Alex Coke on flute, bass flute, piccolo, tenor sax, kaen, and toys, with Tina Marsh, voice, toys and Steve Feld, ashiwa bass box, and toys. Alex is an original member of Austin's Creative Opportunity Orchestra, and Tina was, until her untimely passing, its vocalist and Artistic Director. Alex and Tina collaborated in the large group setting with CO2 for many years, and also recorded in smaller groups formats, most recently as New Texas Swing. Here they are heard for the first time in intimate duos on classic tunes like Ornette Coleman's Lonely Woman, Harry T.Burleigh's spiritual Deep River, and Charles Mingus‚ Eclipse. The CD also features Alex playing duos with Steve Feld, who performs on a West African bass mbira called ashiwa. In addition to the duos with Tina and Steve, there are several trio pieces, some involving innovative studio techniques, recordings of improvisations to playback of ambient tracks, like African frogs, a Japanese water zither, rainforest birds, and the tolling of the World Peace Bell. A special feature is a suite of four pieces dedicated to the late soprano saxophonist Steve Lacy, an inspiring friend and model of integrity in the arena of musical improvisation and collaboration. 

A note from Alex Coke about IT'S POSSIBLE

Since moving back to Austin from Amsterdam in 2000 Tina and I have been getting together on a weekly basis. I felt it was time to have a CD that represented what we'd been exploring. Our wide ranging eclectic tastes are represented on the CD by pieces like Ornette Coleman's Lonely Woman, Harry T.Burleigh's classic spiritual Deep River as well as a suite dedicated to Steve Lacy and Peace Prayer (an improvisation accompanied by the tolling of the World Peace Bell). The tile track, It's Possible, is an improvisation with text adapted by Tina from a poem of Antonio Machado.

Last year a trip to the National Flute Association in Albuquerque coincided with a recording session with our friend Steve Feld and Accra Train Station. Steve had recently begun studying ashiwa (something like a bass kalimba)  and I thought it would be a great addition to what Tina and I were doing.  The ashiwa functions both melodically and percussively. It's also able to simultaneously evoke ancient and modern feelings. For the CD we use various formations of duos and trios.

The CD is dedicated to Bob Paredes. Bob was part of a regular improvisational circle in Austin in the late 1980's that also included me, Tina and Steve, and recorded with us on Leadbelly Legacy Band's Out On The Western Plains. (Originally released in 1988, on vinyl and cassette, as Daagnim17 and reissued on CD as Postout 1999 A.) In those years Bob and I had several discussions about recording while listening to and then removing ambient sounds.  I loved his compositional ideas about the nature and usage of overdubs and studio headphone monitoring. I've used some of his techniques throughout the recording.

The CD also reunites us with original CO2 member Rock Savage who has done the artwork and design.

Alex Coke 

1. It's Possible
Coke/Feld/Marsh, BMI; Words: Bly/Machado
2. Frogs
Coke/Feld/Marsh, BMI
3. Lonely Woman
Music: Ornette Coleman; Words: Margo Guryan, MJQ Music, BMI
Steve Lacy Suite (4-7)
4. Drips
Coke/Feld/Marsh, BMI
5. Rips
Coke/Feld/Marsh, BMI
6. IPS (bug on a stick)
Coke/Feld, BMI
7. P.S.
Coke, BMI
8. Eclipse
Charles Mingus, Jazz Workshop, Inc., Hal Leonard, BMI
9. Around the Block
Coke/Feld/Marsh, BMI
10. Deep River
Harry T. Burleigh, Alfred, ASCAP
11. Highway
Coke, BMI
12. Double Quarter
Coke/Feld/Marsh, BMI
13. Secret Love
Music: Sammy Fain; Words: Paul Francis Webster, WB Music, ASCAP
14. Sirens
Coke, BMI
15. Peace Prayer
Coke/Feld/Marsh, BMI

Alex Coke- flute, bass flute, piccolo, tenor sax, kaen, toys 
Tina Marsh- voice, toys
Steve Feld- ashiwa bass box, toys

Frogs was recorded while listening to Bufo Variations (but not to each other) (VoxLox, 2009)
P.S. was recorded while listening to Rainforest Soundwalks (EarthEar, 2001/VoxLox 2011)
Drips was recorded while listening to Suikinkutsu (VoxLox, 2006)
Peace Prayer is accompanied by tolling of the World Peace Bell, The Time of Bells, 4, (VoxLox, 2006) 
It's Possible text adapted by Tina from (#27) Times Alone: Selected Poems of Antonio Machado. Chosen and translated by Robert Bly.  Wesleyan University Press, 1983.

Produced by Alex Coke
Recorded/engineered by George Oldziey at George Oldziey Sudios
Mastered by Jerry Tubb at Terra Nova Digital Audio, Inc., Austin,Texas
Artwork and graphic design by Rock Savage


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