The La Drivers Union Por Por Group: Klebo!

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VoxLox CD, 2009   Release date: November 1, 2009

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The La Drivers Union Por Por Group: Klebo!

Por Por (paw paw) music is named for the sound of antique squeeze-bulb car horns. In Accra, Ghana’s capital, Por Por is uniquely performed by a union of trotro (public minibus and lorry) drivers in the Ga-speaking township of La, where it is only heard at funerals for union transport workers. On Klebo! the La drivers add drums, bells, flute, and voices to their honk horns to infuse familiar ethnic and national rhythms with sounds of brass band, jazz, and gospel music. The group’s first CD, Por Por: Honk Horn Music of Ghana, published by Smithsonian Folkways Recordings in 2007, presents the history of Por Por music in images, sounds, and texts.

rhythm: highlife
A celebration of home, peace, justice, and unity!
2. OMANYE Good Tidings
rhythm: agbaza
Let good tidings come; you must respect people!
3. TSO:O:MO: MI OSUO:MO:     Show me your Love        
rhythm: adowa
Bad friendship destroys you and all who respect you!    

4. NOVI DEKE      No Sibling        
Ewe traditional song; rhythm agbadza
I have no sibling; I’m finished. I tell you!
5. AFIEE AFI     Happy New Year        
rhythm: kpatsa
We are wishing you a happy new year; be watchful!
6. MOKO DZO:LE      Somebody’s Lover
rhythm: slow highlife
Nobody else’s lover compares with mine who loves me like sugar cane!
7. MIBI OO     My Child
rhythm: kpatsa
Listen and be patient when your parents speak to you!
8. KLEBO!     Uncle Ebo!
A Cape Coast fisherman’s shout while pulling nets from the ocean. Hey! You spat into the soup; I will not eat it or I may die!
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