Steven Feld: The Time of Bells, 5

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VoxLox DVD,  Release Date: August, 2012

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DVD  includes five short (c. 15 minutes each) DVD videos about bells in Europe and West Africa. The first two videos show bell-dressed carnival dances in Sardinia (Italy) and Skyros (Greece), complementing audio tracks on The Time of Bells 4 and 1. The third piece complements the CD Por Por: Honk Horn Music of Ghana (2007, Smithsonian Folkways) with car horn and hand bell musical performances in Accra by the La Drivers Union Por Por Group. The fourth piece features Nii Otoo Annan performing his Bufo Variations on an instrument of his own invention, the gangofone, a rack of gangokui double bells, in complement to the audio CD. The final piece, made in collaboration with blacksmith Tom Joyce, documents the complete manufacture and tuning of gangokui double bells in Yohonou, a renown community of blacksmiths in Togo .

1. Mamuthones of Mamoiada (Sardinia, 2005)

2. Skyros Carnival (Greece, 2004)

3. Por Por Horns and Bells (Accra, Ghana, 2005)

4. Bufo Variations for gangofone, by Nii Otoo Annan (Accra, Ghana, 2008)

5. Forging Double Bells (Yohonou, Togo, 2008)


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