Steven Feld: Voices of the Rainforest

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Voices of the Rainforest, researched, recorded and edited by Steven Feld, and produced by Mickey Hart, was issued in 1991 as part of “THE WORLD” series on Rykodisc. In October 2011 the title was republished by Smithsonian Folkways, as part of the Mickey Hart Collection. 

Voices of the Rainforest is a recorded soundscape of a day in the life of the Kaluli people of Bosavi, Papua New Guinea, 24 hours in one hour. As the day progresses, one hears birds, water, insects and other ambient voices of the rainforest interspersed with Kaluli songs and instrumental sounds of work, leisure and ritual. 

1 From Morning Night To Real Morning n/a 4:28
2 Making Sago Ulahi 5:37
3 Cutting Trees n/a 7:55
4 Clearing The Brush Ulahi 3:29
5 Bamboo Jew's Harp Gaima 4:41
6 Relaxing by the Creek Ulahi 5:50
7 From Afternoon To Afternoon Darkening n/a 6:25
8 Evening Rainstorm n/a 5:21
9 Drumming Gaso, Gigio, Sowelo, Agale 4:28
10 Song Ceremony Giwo, Wasio 2:55
11 From Night To Inside Night n/a 5:59


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