Tom Guralnick Trio: Pitchin'

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Tom Guralnick Trio: TG3  PITCHIN'

VoxLox CD, 2010 (originally released in 1997 on PostOut)
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Tom Guralnick, soprano, alto, and tenor saxophones
Steve Feld, tenor and bass trombones, bass trumpet, euphonium
Jefferson Voorhees, drums, talking drum, percussion 
Features eleven compositions by Tom Guralnick:
Something About BeeZ   5:30
Pitchin' 4:33
Kai's Mom   4:55
Baritaltology   5:34
Morningside Stroll   2:58
Time Waits   5:45
Riceland   3:52
#7 VCL   5:31
Llabad   5:13
Played Once   4:14

Fornet   2:38

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From the Reviews: TG3  PITCHIN'
CODA calls TG3 "a band, roots in tout de suite, joined at the hipness." OPTION calls them " of our best small jazz groups in the Southwest...whether they groove, grin or grumble, this is one top-notch band" CADENCE praises the performances on TG3 PITCHIN' for their "tight lyricism and intimate group dynamics," and 5/4 MAGAZINE  adds: "Rich in counterpoint and long on playful exuberance, they mold music that parlays call and response into post-modern chamber jazz...While configured for open space and expression, it is the well conceived theme development that gives TG3 definition and accessibility...With melodies from folk to N'Orleans blues to 12-tone suspension, Pitchin' makes a case for how far ranging the melodic content of jazz remains..."
Of the individual performers CADENCE says: "Whether on gruff-toned tenor, clean, singing alto, or snaking soprano, Guralnick digs into the music with a bouyant spirit and bristling energy. The low horns provide the perfect foil, either doubling the sax lines, picking up snippets of Guralnick's phrases and firing off shrewd counterpoint, or laying down a fat bass groove. Feld is also an able soloist in his own right, combining limber slide work with gritty growls and smears. Voorhees has played in both dance bands and West African ensembles and it shows in his ability to swing even the most idiosyncratic of meters and phrasings."
5/4 MAGAZINE adds: "With the wide voicings of Feld's euphonium, bass trumpet, and trombone, and Guralnick's carefully pitched reeds, TG3 covers more tonal and harmonic range than might be expected from a cursory look at the lineup. Feld locks up impressively with Voorhees' African, by way of Ed Blackwell, approach to the traps, giving the trio a definitive bottom that shifts smartly from swing time to march to no time." 


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