Leadbelly Legacy Band: Out on the Western Plains

Leadbelly Legacy Band: Out on the Western Plains

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PostOut CD, 1999 (originally 1987 Daagnim LP)

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Huddie Ledbetter's songs are widely recorded, performed and celebrated by musicians in various traditions. Here we extend some dimensions of Leadbelly's musical legacy, exploring his songs in settings for jazz and group improvisation. The strong melodies, emotions, and words of Leadbelly's songs lend themselves to this kind of further exploration, as does the inventive style of his singing. He built phrases and rhythms to fit his words, and freely punctuated them in the guitar accompaniment.

The items we've chosen from Leadbelly's vast repertory range from hollers, blues and ballads, to prison, work and cowboy songs. Some of the songs suggested more structured approaches, with different swing and jazz grooves; others suggested more freely improvised experiments with time, phrasing, and texture. We concluded the recording session with both a collective ensemble improvisation and four shorter dialogue versions of the field holler "Hoday" and include them all here, as new ways Texas voices are calling, out on the Western plains. 

                                            -Alex Coke and Steve Feld

Leadbelly Legacy Band is: Alex Coke: flutes, saxophones, whistles; Steve Feld: trombone; Tina Marsh: voice; Dave Morgan: bass, cello, sleigh bells; Bob Paredes: clarinet; Rock Savage: drums; Catherine Schieve: accordion, slide flutes

Western Plains    7:12
Hoday (duet)        1:51
Sylvie                   8:17
Hoday (duet)        1:21
Boll Weevil           5:53
Hoday (duet)        1:54
Can't You Line Em 3:17
Hoday (ensemble) 7:47
Go Down Ol' Hannah  5:43
Hoday (duet)       1:58


From the reviews:

"Leadbelly-cum-AACM jazz...a roaring ensemble dynamic reaching back to Southern jug bands and New Orleans brass music...holds true to the promise of the band's name."  -OPTION

"...substantial combination of folk sources and free music...collective almost avant-dixie sections are employed to great effect..." -CADENCE

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