Accra Trane Station: Tribute To A Love Supreme

Accra Trane Station: Tribute To A Love Supreme

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VoxLox CD 2005, Release Date: January 15, 2006

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A limited-edition release, recorded in 2005, and originally only for distribution in Ghana, Tribute to a Love Supreme features Accra avant-gardists Nii Noi Nortey and Nii Otoo Annan in a deeply African tribute to John Coltrane's classic LP of 1964.

1. Acknowledgement  
2. Spiritual 
3. Offering  
6. The Drum Thing   (solo, Nii Otoo Annan)
4. After the Rain 
5. Crescent  
7. Resolution  
8. For Trane  

Nii Noi Nortey: afrifones, gyili, voice, molo, gonje, conch, alto sax
Nii Otoo Annan: African percussion kit APK, gyili, voice, conch, ashiwa
Steven Feld: conch, ashiwa on tracks 4, 5, & 7 
Composed by Nii Noi Nortey and Nii Otoo Annan, VoxLox,  BMI
Recorded by Nana Agazi and Steven Feld, May-June 2005 at Studio Upstairs, Haatso, Accra, with thanks to Alero Olympio
Mixed by Bill Boaz at Fourth World Recording Studios, Santa Fé
Black and white photographs by Nii Yemo Nunu, Kotopon Afrikan Images
Color photographs by Steven Feld
Cover painting by Nicholas Wayo
Produced by Steven Feld            


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